Aluminum Repair Offers Great Business Growth


In order to meet industry standards and OEM requirements, workshops will need to make sure that they are up to the task of repairing vehicles with aluminum parts. Because aluminum's metallurgical characteristics differ from steel's, collision repair workshops will need to invest in more training for technicians and in new welding, riveting and metal bending equipment. With Car-O-Liner Aluminum Repair Solutions and Training your shop will be able to meet OEM requirements, repair more vehicles and in the end experience increased profits.

Aluminum Workstation

The Car-O-Liner Aluminum Workstation is designed to provide a solution for aluminum auto body repairs. Avoid galvanic corrosion by keeping your tools separate. With this dedicated tool storage, you will reduce the possibility of cross-contamination with steel particles, and with a built-in work area you can complete your jobs efficiently in one place.



Carbon Fiber Tools  Lightweight for single tech ease of use and 3 times stronger than steel
Spotter 220V  Adjustable for deep dents
Fast — quick and easy set-up saves time and money
Long, side-dent removal tool — flexibility to repair full cab or bed scrapes or dents on trucks
National Support  Localized training, expertise and support


CMI3000IIFlashcard and inverter technology alllows the CMI3000II to easily identify relevant welding programs. Pulse capabilities make this an ideal welder for structural aluminum repairs.


CMI273 & CMI273 Twin - The robust CMI273, in single and twin models, includes a Pulse version as well as offers synergic pre-set welding programs and automated functions. Single and 3-phase versions are available.



CMI273I - Twin

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