About Aluminum Repair:

When repairing an aluminum structured vehicle, it is essential that extreme care be taken to capture all the particulates at the source to prevent cross metal contamination. If cold steel particles come in contact with bare aluminum, even in microscopic levels, it can lead to a reaction called “galvanic corrosion”. This reaction can corrode the metal or cause blistering or bubbling on the painted surface. To prevent “galvanic corrosion”, automobile manufacturers have aluminum standards that need to be met before a body shop can become authorized for repair of their vehicles. Eurovac will ensure you meet the automobile manufacture standards with the use of a portable or central dust and fume extraction system. Eurovac will also ensure that you meet the aluminum standards in a safe manner as aluminum dust is a highly explosive particulate.


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Eurovac II - Wet/Mix Sanding Portable

How the Unit Works: Explosive dust is drawn into the unit through and forced down through a venturi, deep into the water. The water acts as a separator, and the majority of the dust particles fall to the bottom of the unit immediately. Those particles that manage to escape this first stage of cleansing, are forced through thick curtains of water, and are deflected by a series or baffles into the water turbulence, separating the remaining dust from the air. The moist clean air is drawn through the unit by an internally fitted blower, passes through a stainless steel mist eliminator, where the moisture is removed from the clean air. The dust which has settled to the bottom of the unit is removed through the sludge drain valve.
  • Stainless steel mist eliminator and final filter picks up 99.9% of dust to 10 microns.
  • On/off feature...motor is turned on and off automatically by air switches when pneumatic tools are activated. This increases the life of the motor and reduces energy costs of running the motor.
  • Has enough power for 2 technicians to sand with orbital sanders at the same time.
  • Powerful 13.8 amp motor with sealed bearings built to handle moist air from wet collector. 1560 watt pump produces 145” of water column; 140 free flow CFM.
  • Quiet operation particularly for fine dust... motor housing is insulated and baffled for sound.
  • Includes a plastic sight glass to determine when water should be added.
  • 2” ball valve & hose at the bottom of the separator for removing sludge.

BoxAir Portable Fume Extractor

Portable extractor for capturing:
  • Soldering Dusts
  • Grinding Dusts
  • Welding Fumes
  • Dry Dusts
  • Powders


  • Reduce make-up air requirements by cleaning and re-circulating the air
    Meets OSHA air quality standards
  • Avoid health and safety hazards that
    cause respiratory ailments
  • Cut maintenance costs by eliminating
    smoke and dust before particles can
    settle on equipment and work surfaces
  • Arm Length: 10’
  • Single phase operation
  • Large Wheels
  • 700 CFM @ Hood
  • Spark Trap
  • Cassette Filter
  • Arm Diameter: 6”
  • Optional Hepa Filter

Fume Extraction Arms

Eurovac self-supporting arms provide the most economical and effective methods for the capture of fumes. Contaminants are removed at their source. The use of self-supporting joints, flexible hoses and smooth bore tubing allow for easy placement of the arm’s hood near the source of problem.
Fume arm tubes are fabricated of steel with cast aluminum joints which include friction disc and are fully adjustable to the workers desired tension. The arms include a handle which completely encircles the hood in order to facilitate easy repositioning from all sides. Hood diameters vary from 160mm/6″ on the 75mm/3” arms, to 350mm/14″ on the 200mm/8″ arms. All hoods are equipped for installation of an optional light kit.
Eurovac self-supporting arms can be combined with several accessories to provide the best solution for a particular problem:
  • arms with a standing bench mountable flange
  • swinging extension booms to increase reaches
  • fans or filtering system
A large variety of hoods can be manufactured to suit a particular requirement. Different diameters, constructions, material are available.

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