Deluxe Dual-Skin Prep Environment

The Ultra® XD CTOF is the ideal complement to our top-of-the-line paint booths. With dual-skin walls, and superior construction, airflow and lighting, the Ultra® XD CTOF provides a premium environment for prepping and painting.

Deluxe single-Skin Prep Environment

GFS’ Ultra® XS CTOF is an affordable, all-in-one area for prepping and painting vehicles. Single-skin walls provide cost savings, without compromising quality. An expansive CTOF line, choose from downdraft or semi-downdraft airflow, and a wide variety of sizes.

Excel® WorkStation

MeetS EPA 6H Rule For Spraying


Designed to meet the requirements of EPA's 6H Paint Rule (40 CFR
63 Subpart HHHHHH), GFS' Excel® Workstation provides a controlled, all-in-one work environment for sanding, priming and limited painting.


Constructed of standard panel sizes, the Excel® Workstation is available in multiple length, width and height options to suit any shop layout. Structure can be freestanding, with structural steel supports, or suspended from your shop ceiling.