GFS Opens New Center for Excellence Training Facility

Global Finishing Solutions (GFS), a world leader in innovation for paint booths and finishing systems technologies, recently opened the doors of a new state-of-the-art training and product R&D center. The innovative Center for Excellence allows GFS to demonstrate the advantages of its most advanced, game-changing systems while also teaching proper use, tips and safety techniques.

GFS Training Center



Aluminum Repair

Ford’s new FF150 Fender-150 will feature an aluminum body, bed and support. This is big news for collision repair shops that want to be able to repair the most popular truck on the road in North America. The need for an isolated work area for aluminum repair is not a matter of preference, opinion or regulation, but a simple matter of science and safety. Aluminum and steel don’t mix, and if they do get together during the repair process the results can be problematic. Besides isolating the aluminum repair process from the rest of the shop, other specialized tools will be required to perform approved aluminum repairs as well, including specific welding equipment, specialized aluminum dust extraction systems, and rivet guns designed specifically for aluminum repairs. Whatever your equipment needs may be to meet these aluminum repair procedures, PFC has the solution. Click on the link below for more information.

PFC Aluminum Repair Equipment Solutions

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